Dental FAQ`S

How do I register as a new patient?
Every citizen of the UK is eligible for NHS dental treatments. You will need to come in to sign a NHS registration form and come in for a new patient appointment.

Do you open at evenings and weekends?
We understand that a majority of patients works 9 till 5 and it is not easy to find time within those working hours to visit the dentist. We would like to provide flexibility amongst our patients. Some dentists/ therapists offer early morning, evening and Saturday appointments. Please check with reception whether your dentist works in those hours so we can give you an appointment.

I am a full NHS patient and am looking to have a few private treatments done. Do I now need to become a private patient?
As a NHS patient you can decide to have a few private treatments done. You would have to pay private prices at the reception but still have access to the full range of NHS services available. Our dentists are always happy to talk through all the treatment options & associated costs to ensure you get exactly what you want, within a budget that suits.

Why should I visit the dentist regularly?
Our team ensures any minor to major teeth problems are treated. Regular appointments help us and the patient to improve, maintain the best oral hygiene. Dentists and therapists routinely assess the health of your mouth to check for decay, abnormalities and even oral cancer.

I need emergency and out of hours care and the dental practice is closed.
If you are a registered patient and require emergency treatment please contact the practice in the early mornings. If you urgently require emergency treatment out with our practice hours please call NHS 24 on 111.

Can I be seen as a private patient if I prefer?
If you prefer, you can be seen as a private patient on a pay upfront fee. Usually treatment plan is discussed, agreed with both you and the dentists, tailoring to your needs and costs. If you are interested in being seen privately please let us know.

My child has his first tooth, do I bring him to see a dentist or wait till he has his full set of teeth?
Aim to register your baby with a dentist soon after birth or by the time they are six months of age.
From then on, take your child to the dental practice every six months, or as advised by your dental team.
Taking your baby to the dental practice as early as possible helps them to get used to the sights, sounds and smells of a dental practice and give you access to information, advice and support for looking after your child’s teeth.

How long after a filling or extraction can you eat or drink?
Although white fillings are usually set before the patient even leaves the chair, and metal amalgam fillings take 24 hours to fully set, we recommend patients make sure they do not damage themselves as they are usually still numb from anesthetic. Be sure to test all foods to make sure they are not too hot or cold to cause burns,and also not to bite their own lips or the inside of the cheek as this can cause trauma and swelling and will not be felt until the anesthetic wears off. This can take 1-3 hours depending on the type of anesthetic used. Please ask your dentist before leaving the room after a procedure.

How long does it take to be referred to the dental hospital?
This depends on what the patient is referred for.

Routine referrals for oral surgery for extractions, oral medicine for all non-life threatening conditions and treatment on children can take up to 12 weeks to be processed and the assessment appointment given.

Urgent referrals for pain causing fever, preventing function or spreading to other parts of the face can be classified as urgent and will be processed quicker by the hospital

Suspect oral cancer cases will be processed by the hospital immediately and patients will be seen as soon as possible.

Paying for dental treatments.
Patients on benefits- must check with themselves that their dental treatment is covered under their exemption.

Paying patients- must pay as they go along. If it is a big treatment plan you can discuss methods of payment with Jackie the Manager.

Private treatment- must be paid on the day the treatment is done.